When you acquire a CRYPTOMATIC watch, you are getting a very unique Limited Edition timepiece that only a few hundred people in the world will own, and that with the proper care, will last a lifetime and pass from generation to generation.

In order to keep your CRYPTOMATIC watch in perfect condition we recommend the following: 

  • Use a fresh lint-free microfiber cloth to clean your watch case and crystals, gently wiping the surfaces in a circular motion until completely clean. 
  • Don't wear your strap too tightly. Always allow some room for your wrist skin to breathe. Both your strap and your wrist will appreciate it.
  • Avoid placing your watch near loudspeakers, microwave ovens, refriger­ators or magnets. Mechanical watches are sensitive to the magnetic fields emitted by such devices.
  • Avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures, sudden changes of temperature, shocks or vibrations.
  • Although your CRYPTOMATIC watch is water proof and will forgive an occasional shower or swim, we advise you against diving with it as it's not designed for long term exposure to deep water. In addition to this, we strongly recommend not getting the leather strap wet.
  • Avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes, cosmetics, and other chemicals. This may damage the surface finish of your watch, particularly on gold plated models.
  • Avoid using or placing your watch or strap near sharp objects (i.e. inside a purse, bag, or backpack)


It's a good practice to first manually wound automatic watches before adjusting the time. The procedure is as follows: 

  1. Hold the crown with you thumb and index finger and perform fifteen (15) clock-wise winding turns. You will notice the seconds hand starts moving as well as the mechanism of the watch and rotate it in any direction to adjust the hour and minutes.
  2. Once you have achieved the desired time, push the crown in until it goes back to its default position.
  3. The watch is now ready to wear.

The time won't need to be adjusted if you wear the watch daily. If you stop wearing the watch for more than two days, you may need to repeat the procedure above to wind it and adjust the time again.

If you have a collection of automatic watches and like to wear different models daily, we recommend an automatic watch winder. There are numerous models in the market. These devices have a small electrical motor that rotates the watch continuously so that it never runs out of power.



  1. Use the screwdriver tool provided. 
  2. Unscrew the pins and release them. Please note they could be a little stiff at first.
  3. Take out the links up to desire length. Please notice that there are four removable links per side. Make an even extraction of links from both sides of the strap. If you find it difficult doing this process, we recommend a visit to your nearest watch shop for help.



  1. Use the screwdriver tool provided.
  2. Place the cap of the tool on one of the screws that hold the strap in place, and use the screwdriver to remove the other one (see the illustration). We include an extra set of screws in case you lose any.
  3. Place the new strap lined up with the holes of the case.
  4. Place the pin through the holes and place the small screw on the other side, then proceed to screw it in.



How to Adjust the Steel Strap
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How to Replace The Straps
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